Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday marks the day when – to the human eye – everything is lost.  The worst has happened; death rules; hope is extinguished.

So today – the last in our Lent series  –  there is no story and no picture.  Today is a day of emotional exhaustion, of apparent pointlessness.  If evil wins in the end, what is the point of working for the common good?

I don’t want to anticipate tomorrow…  but God sees what we don’t see.

Today we want to use this space to name all the people across Somerset who work tirelessly and faithfully for the common good whose stories haven’t been told here.  Some didn’t want the credit for what they do; some we didn’t hear about; and the names of some are known only to God.  Today’s space is like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: a marker for unseen sacrifice and dedication.

It’s also a marker for those who have been emotionally broken, physically or spiritually exhausted, or even have given their lives in pursuing good.  We remember them and give thanks for them today.

We first shared this story as part of the Bishops’ Lent Appeal 2017


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