Bishop’s Council

The Bishop’s Council is the standing committee of Diocesan Synod, with the following remit:

  • To plan the business of the Diocesan Synod
  • To initiate proposals for action by the Diocesan Synod and to advise it on matters of policy
  • To advise the Bishop on any matters which he may refer to it
  • Subject to the directions of the Diocesan Synod, to transact the business of the Synod when it is not in session
  • To establish such committees of the Bishop’s Council and their terms of reference as it considers fit, and to appoint members to committees or other bodies
  • To carry out such other functions as the Diocesan Synod may delegate to it


  • The Rt Revd P Hancock (Bishop of Bath and Wells)
  • The Rt Revd R Worsley (Bishop of Taunton)
  • The Very Revd Dr John Davies (Dean of Wells)
  • The Revd Jane Haslam (Chair of the House of Clergy)
  • The Ven A J Piggott (Archdeacon of Bath)
  • Mrs M E Masters (Chair of the House of Laity)
  • Mr H T Musselwhite (DBF Chairman)
  • The Revd S Robinson (DBE Chairman)
  • The Revd J L Chamberlain
  • The Revd B S Faulkner
  • The Revd D Greenfield
  • The Revd C D North
  • The Revd C S Ralph
  • The Revd Dr A Youings
  • Ms C M Baron
  • Mrs S G Bult
  • Mrs K M Cannell
  • Mr N J Crocker
  • Mr S Grimshaw
  • Mr T C Hind
  • Mrs J A Humphreys
  • Mr C R Jenkins
  • Mr M Tedstone

Dates of next meetings

4 September 2017 at 2.00pm
14 November 2017 at 2.00pm

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