Our Faith

We are all part of the fellowship of Christians in Somerset and beyond.  As followers of Jesus Christ we are called to listen to his words, follow in his steps and allow him to transform our lives.

We seek to live out the Christian faith in ways that proclaim the gospel and serve our communities through our 496 parishes and 187 church schools.


Find out more…

An introduction to the Church of England and the Christian faith from the Church of England website

What it means to be a Christian
The fundamentals of the Christian religion with suggestions for further study.

What it means to be an Anglican
Specific tenets and witness of the Anglican Church.

Stories of Faith
Real life experiences of faith which show how life-changing the Christian message can be.

Mission and Evangelism
The call to mission is carried out nationally and internationally.

The Church of England today
The Church of England is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. It plays a vital role in the life of the nation, proclaiming the Christian gospel in words and actions, and providing services of Christian worship and praise.

In addition, our Resource Centre holds a full selection of material on all aspects of church life and Christian faith.

Still not sure?

The rejesus website has been developed by the main churches in England for people to explore who Jesus was and is. The site offers an enormous variety of information, spirituality, interaction and entertainment, and is highly recommended for people who are not sure about what the Christian faith means or involves, or what they believe.

The Christian Enquiry Agency is there to assist those exploring the Christian faith, whether for the first time or revisiting it again. It provides various resources to help people on their journey towards Jesus Christ, and provides the facility to email directly with specific questions.

There are courses run across the country for people wanting to discover who Jesus is, why he came, and what it means to follow him. Try Christanity Explored or Alpha or Emmaus.

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