What will this mean?


We will pray. Prayer will be a sustained and sustaining underpinning of all we plan and do.

Deanery leadership

We will develop the capacity and energy of deaneries so they become a vehicle and resource for developing mission action plans

Leadership development

We will create programmes of support and training to help lay and ordained leaders in their personal and professional development, reaching out specifically for younger leaders and those being called into pioneering roles where 10 new roles are anticipated

Resource for mission

We will resource for mission, with the development of 30 church plants for under-churched localities

Sustainable rural church

We will create a sustainable model for the rural church, appropriate to different contexts

Engagement with the common good

We will encourage church engagement with initiatives in support of the common good with particular regard to areas of social deprivation

Vocational development

We will identify and support the vocation of 100 new chaplains, self-supporting ministers and ordinands over five years through teaching, encouragement, information and revised training

It will also mean:

Establishing more learning communities

Developing a diocesan resourcing plan

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