Who We Are

Our aims are to renew and demonstrate:

  • The Love of the Father
  • The Ministry of Jesus
  • The Activity and Guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • To be a Prophetic Voice for our time

Diocesan Renewal Group Members

  • Revd. Patrick Whitworth, Renewal Group Chair
  • Revd. Nigel Rawlinson, Renewal Group Deputy Chair
  • Revd. Alison Morgan
  • Don Hewit
  • Revd. John Simons
  • Martin Cavender
  • Revd. Michael Norman
  • Ronnie Broomhead
  • Revd. Sharon Walker
  • Suzi McKenzie

Who to contact

  • Revd Keith Powell

    Renewal Adviser

    Tel: 01823 698999

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