The Resource Centre

The Resource Centre offers books, DVDs, CDs, posters, artefacts and more on all aspects of Christianity and the world’s major faiths on free loan to anyone who lives or works in the Diocese of Bath and Wells.

It is open to visitors at the Old Deanery, Wells at the following times but also makes its materials available throughout the diocese with free local collections through the County Library Services. It also offers its resources via a new on-line library facility, more details of which can be found in this section.

Normal opening times

Monday: 9.30 to 1.30
Tuesday: 9.30 to 1.30
Wednesday: 1 to 5
Thursday: 9.30 to 1.30
Friday: Closed

For help and advice contact Veronica Elks at the Resource Centre or simply visit the new on-line library facility that educators, youth workers and students from throughout the diocese can now access remotely, thanks to the introduction of the new system. Click on the download below for the simple guide.

Please note:

If you have difficulty logging onto the Resource Centre catalogue through your browser, try using Internet Explorer. It is hoped that it will be working with other browsers later in the year.

The Resource Centre is accessed through the white door from the Old Deanery courtyard (opposite the main arch). There is a ‘returns cupboard’ facility is available just inside the entrance door from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Available resources

The Resource Centre holds learning materials on a host of topics to meet a wide variety of needs from churches, schools, children and youth groups, individual church goers and members of the public. (anchor links)

The Resource Centre has a comprehensive catalogue of 10,000 resources on:

  • all aspects of Christianity and the world’s major religions
  • worship and prayer
  • religious education and collective worship
  • housegroup material
  • all aspects of parish-based children’s and youth work
  • theology, church history, social and pastoral issues
  • spiritual and moral development
  • DVD, CD and CD-ROM, posters, courses, artefacts and more.

The centre is a member of the Federation of RE Centres.

Schools & colleges

Our loan service is available to all schools, both church and community. Resources cover all key stages for RE, PHSE & citizenship, collective worship, spiritual development and child bereavement.

Resource boxes linked to each unit of the Agreed Syllabus, Awareness, Mystery & Value (revised 2011) are available on termly loan.   You can also borrow boxes of artefacts on the world’s major faiths.  Each unit box can be hired for £10 per term.  Artefact boxes are £5 per half term. Click on the download below for the order form for the KS Unit linked boxes.

Teachers are welcome to visit the centre to browse and borrow. We are open all year, including school holidays.

Children’s & youth groups

Starting an after-school club, looking for fresh ideas for Sunday School, hoping to find something to challenge a 16+ group or short of ideas for a holiday club? We can help!

We have a large collection of DVDs, CDs of contemporary worship songs, books of ideas for all aspects of working with children and young people. We can also provide large play equipment.

Members of the public

Our centre is not just for people who belong to a church or who have a Christian faith.  It is also a specialist library on “faith matters” for the general public. We have books and video material on the world’s major faiths, and on cults and sects. These range from short books on the basics to in-depth studies.  Those involved in academic study will find sections on Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Theology, Theory of Education, Spirituality, Church History and more.

We have resources to help you plan or prepare for:

  • special services and courses in the community
  • a wedding or funeral
  • a baptism
  • marriage, with marriage preparation courses
  • parenting, with parenting programmes

Who to contact

  • Veronica Elks

    Resource Centre Manager

    Tel: 01749 685129

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