Seeking God

How can we understand better what God is saying to us? How do we listen?

Seeking God is a resource provided by the Diocese of Bath and Wells, which takes place within your local community, and is open to all.

Trained companions, men and women from various backgrounds, are available to help you explore your personal relationship with God. They are someone to talk to in complete confidence, who will listen, encourage and support you in your search for God. Your companion may suggest different ways of meeting God: ways that suit who you are and the life you lead, using your own interests and resources. This could be through prayerful reflection on Scripture, poetry or art, or perhaps through drawing, crafts, creativity, gardening or walking.

These periods of accompanied prayer have been found to be ‘transformative’ and ‘life changing’ – to use a couple of quotes. People have moved from seeing prayer as, for example, a shopping list, to being an aspect of life that deepens their relationship with God.

God seeks each one of us in the midst of our daily life. Sensing God’s call happens in many different ways and as we come to recognise the ‘still small voice’ we are drawn on to respond.

We all search for God. This is the pilgrim’s pathway through life; it is our adventure. But sometimes we long to talk to God, yet cannot find the words. Or we may feel we have lost our delight in prayer. Perhaps we may be happy enough with our spiritual pathway but still feel that there may be more to explore. How do we do that? How can we understand better what God is saying to us? How do we listen? If you are asking these questions, please know that you are not alone.

Your Seeking God companion will help you in your search for God. Their role is to support you in exploring how you sense and respond to God’s call. You and your companion will agree how often you meet. Your guided prayer might last for a week so that you meet up with your companion every day for half an hour; for a fortnight meeting three times a week; or for a month meeting twice a week. Your own commitment will be to set aside time each day for prayer and reflection.

Ideally the Seeking God prayer groups should have a minimum of eight people and will meet regularly over a week, fortnight or month. In the diocese, we are lucky to have a number of trained prayer companions who count it a privilege to help in this work.

For further information contact your local Anglican parish priest or the Diocesan adviser in prayer and spirituality.

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