The Vocations Team is concerned with identifying and encouraging the gifts of all and developing new routes to lay and ordained ministry including pioneers and a wide range of vocations. They assess candidates for ordained ministry, support ordinands as they progress, as well as manage and develop the young vocations initiative.

Vocation is about calling, and our baptism heralds a call to ministry for all Christians.  The vocations team within the diocese helps those who want to explore the nature of God’s calling and what that might mean in terms of service and hence appropriate preparation and training for ministry.

For those who want to explore a calling to ordained ministry we have a Director of Vocations, (Revd Sue Rose). She works with a group of advisers, Vocations Chaplains, spread across the diocese with two in each archdeaconry.  They are available to listen with enquirers to what God is saying.

Because the formative period of an ordained person’s journey is critical, the Director of Vocations is also involved in Initial Ministerial Education (IME) which covers the minister’s curacy i.e. the four years of ordained ministry.  That said, discerning vocations is not confined to just the beginning of a role within the church or the wider world; it is an on-going process that shapes and directs us throughout our lives while we are open to God’s leading.


Who to contact

  • Revd Sue Rose

    Vocations Team Leader; General Synod representative

    Tel: 01749 685273

  • Josie Halla

    Ministry for Mission Administrator

    Tel: 01749 685104

  • Rosalind Miles

    Administrator for Vocations

    Tel: 01749 685275

  • Sue Cartmel

    Administrator for Vocations

    Tel: 01749 685107

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