Our vision & approach

Central to the mission and work of our diocese is the belief that every child and young person with whom we work should have the opportunity for a life enhancing encounter with Jesus Christ. This aspiration drives us in the way we understand our call to serve our wide ranging and diverse communities around the diocese.

Central to the mission of our education department are the words of Jesus Christ himself, found in the Gospel according to St John, Chapter 10 verse 10:

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

We aim to offer a diverse range of services, activities, resources, courses, advice and guidance to the equally diverse range of schools, colleges, universities, chaplaincies, youth groups and parishes that exist in Bath and Wells.

Our department is staffed by an exceptional staff group with a vast skill, experience and knowledge base. No question is too large or too small and we constantly aim to respond to the growing needs of young people and those who work with them across our diocese in a manner that is collaborative and that promotes the natural curiosity and love of learning we so want young people to have in order to grow, to enjoy life-long learning and to become contributory members of our many communities and our society at large.

The department is divided into three teams, reflecting the developing needs of our learning communities.

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