Bricks & Mortar

Within the diocese there are over 500 churches, plus associated church buildings and we also own a stock of housing and land.

The Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches provides advice on the architecture, archaeology, art and history of places of worship to parishes, our archdeacons and the diocesan chancellor.

Management of the housing stock and land is the responsibility of the diocesan property team, headed by the Diocesan Surveyor. Everyday clergy housing queries are handled by Ali Walker and Suzette Berry.

Who to contact

  • Sarah Williams

    DAC Secretary; Diocesan Registry, Harris & Harris Solicitors;

    Tel: 01749 674747

  • Paul Toseland

    Diocesan Surveyor

    Tel: 01749 685142

  • Ali Walker

    Property Co-ordinator

    Tel: 01749 685144

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