Treasurers’ Learning Network

Luke 14:28 is a new Treasurers’ Learning Network. The purpose is to support all treasurers across Bath & Wells, be they new in post or experienced in the role.

Luke 14:28 aims to:

  • Help treasurers be more effective
  •  Share useful information, ideas and successes
  •  Provide a forum to ask questions
  • Improve relationships amongst treasurers and with the diocese.

Our goals are to:

  • Be a simple, focused, flexible system that is easy to use and that uses plain English
  • Meet the different needs of treasurers
  • Provide two way communication amongst treasurers and with the diocese
  •  Evolve according to need
  •  Grow our membership throughout the diocese.

The Luke 14:28 network, hosted as an independent yahoo group, offers links to resources, an email forum and private space to store documents.  All can be found at, note that access is restricted to members only.

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