Manna magazine – the healing issue

In the Autumn issue of Manna, the diocese’s quarterly magazine we explore what it really means to be healed.  It’s a term with many interpretations – from Jesus’ great healing miracles to a more holistic view of wellbeing.

In his lead column Trevor Dean reflect on prayer for healing in the context of his work as a GP in a deprived area of South Bristol.  Retired GP Gilly Bunce shares her own experience of healing where she has found that simple steps forward in personal growth are more realistic than dramatic miracles.

Bishop Peter Maurice sets out why he feels the church needs healing at its heart.  John Foskett shares his unexpected response to a serious diagnosis in My Faith and Sue Yabsley encourages clergy to better care for themselves so they can continue to support others.

Pick up your copy in your church or read the digital version.

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