God’s People

Read Genesis 35: 9-15

From Jacob’s twelve sons God formed a nation of people called Israel. The Old Testament is the story of these people. It tells of their successes as well as their failures. Sometimes they forgot God, but God never forgot them. God continued to raise up leaders to bring the people back to him. They looked for one last leader, the Messiah, to come to save them from their troubles for ever.

This second week of Advent, we will read about some of the great leaders of Israel – Joseph, Moses, Ruth, Samuel, David and Solomon. It is from David that the symbol of the star came to stand for the people of Israel. As we read about these biblical heroes, let us also think of some of our Christian leaders today. Who are some of today’s Christian heroes?


O God,

We thank you for those people who have been leaders in the faith through the centuries.

We pray especially this day for those who lead us now in the faith.

Help us to live as your people. Amen.

Cut out and colour the eighth symbol, the Star, and hang the symbol on the Jesse Tree.

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