Contemporary worship a hit in Wookey

Karen Butt, who helps lead and coordinate the service tells us more about Cornerstone – a new service at St Matthew’s in Wookey.

It’s a Sunday and as usual people are worshipping at St Matthew’s Church in Wookey. However, this is “Cornerstone” and the organ is rested for this evening , as the Church is filled with the sound of contemporary worship songs led by a newly formed band.

When Revd Paul Clarke and his family arrived in Wookey last autumn they came with the clear mandate to try “new things” and reach out to new sections of the community in the Benefice of Coxley with Godney, Henton and Wookey. Each of the Churches has its own strengths and gifts and it was recognised that there was a calling for a new style of worship to complement, not replace, the regular traditional services held each week.

Thanks to experiences at places like New Wine and Lee Abbey and following time spent by some members at Wells Vineyard Church and Bagley Baptist Church there was an awareness of an informal approach to worship and a huge array of contemporary worship songs. The Benefice already had a small band that came together to play for Family Services and Festivals and some members of this joined with other interested musicians under the help and guidance of Joel Clements from Bagley Baptist Church to form a new band and begin the process of learning new songs.

Whilst music is a key element of Cornerstone, the service makes use of other media such as film clips and YouTube to illustrate the themes and includes a short talk. The Service opens and closes with prayer and it is hoped the opportunity for prayer ministry will grow as the service becomes established.

Karen Butt, who helps lead and coordinate the service says, “We had little idea who would come to this Service but we were sure we were being called to offer it. God has blessed us in providing musicians and equipment, the talented support of Joel and people willing to support it in many ways.

We now have a committed core group of people, with new people joining us each time. It’s definitely a service for those who want to go deeper in their relationship with God and who enjoy the sometimes unpredictable and exciting nature of being open to God in this way.

We also hope that people who are wondering how Church and Christianity are relevant to them and their lives will come along to experience the message of Jesus in what we hope is a contemporary and welcoming new way.

Cornerstone is held on the first Sunday of every month. All are welcome to come along at 6.30pm and stay for coffee and doughnuts after.

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