Bishop Peter talks to BBC Somerset

Bishop Peter joined BBC Somerset’s Ben McGrail for the first hour of his show from Cathedral Green on Wednesday, 24 August. Cathedral Administrator, Paul Richards took over the hotseat in the next hour. You can listen again to the show on the BBC website. The Bishop features from approximately 10 minutes in to the show.

As well as talking about his concerns and hopes and prayers for the future, Bishop Peter took calls from listeners on a range of subjects, including the role of women in the church and funeral fees.

He also acknowledged his concerns about the numbers of people attending church services are fallings and said: “My hope and my prayers and all that I am working for is to see the number of people coming to church growing. We want to grow spiritually, we want to grow in prayer, we want to grow in service, and we want to make more impact in our communities, sharing God’s love in that way.”

If you don’t have time to listen again to the full hour, you can find a snippet of the interview which featured in BBC Somerset’s Drivetime show below.


You can also listen to Rev Jane Chamberlain of St Andrew’s Church, Blagdon talk about the changes that have been made at her church to help them serve their community.

Jane commented: “When churches model God’s love by reaching out and serving their communities that makes people think ‘that is interesting’ and can then lead people to wonder about faith and lead to the growth we are seeing in the worshiping community. But it would be a mistake to think we are doing that in order to grow our church. We are serving our community because that is what God calls us to do.”


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