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Pension auto-enrolment: New Duties Checker and help for Basic PAYE Tools users

The Pensions Regulator has launched a new interactive step by step guide to help small and micro employers with automatic enrolment.

Registered Charity?

Do not forget that, if your PCC’s annual income (from all sources) exceeds £100,000, you are required to register with the Charity Commission. If you are a registered charity the accounts must be filed at the Charity Commission by 31 October. Last year, the Charity Commission chose to ‘name and shame’ all charities in Somerset who were late filing – there were no PCCs on the list but they did not include BANES and North Somerset. If they had, we would not have had a clear record.

More than one church in the Parish?

We have discovered this year that a number of parishes with more than one church/chapel have not been correctly completing the PCC reporting requirements. A PCC is a legal entity and must prepare an Annual Report and Accounts. In some cases, we are receiving separate sets of accounts from each church in the parish. Please check if this applies to you.

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