A clear focus, a growing church

For the past few years we have, as a deanery, given ourselves a clear focus that has drawn us together and energised us in our work – making and growing disciples.

Under the banner of ‘Everyone a disciple, Everyone a disciple-maker, Every church a discipleship community, and Everywhere a discipleship invitation’ we have a renewed vision to see hundreds of people becoming disciples and our whole city transformed by God’s loving rule.

There are currently about 3250 members across our deanery and we are praying that God will bless us so that we see this grow to 4000 over the next few years.  With this ambitious goal in mind (given that church membership across the deanery has plateaued over the previous decade) each church and benefice has developed its own discipleship goals and plans that we are sharing together in our new Deanery Plan.

It is so exciting to read the ways that we are praying for God to work among us, growing faith and enabling us in mission.

As discipleship and disciple-making has become the focus of all our gatherings at chapter and synod our conversations have become more energised, honest and fun and attendance has been on the rise.

Sharing a sense of common vision and purpose is leading to deeper relationships and the increased sharing of ideas and resources.  Creative solutions are being explored through the formation of Task Groups to see mission and growth around church planting, growing younger, and ministry in the poorest areas, new housing areas and rural fringes.

All this is being formed and founded on prayer and it is exciting to see houses of prayer, leaders’ prayer, days of prayer, pop-up prayer events and so much more springing up around the city.
Thank you for praying for us as a city this month.

Revd Richard Wilson
Rural Dean of Bath and Team Rector of Bath Marlbrook Team Ministry


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