Godly harmony

Matt Dury is Musical Director at Bruton School for Girls. In his spare time he follows God’s lead and shares his musical gifts through music composition and production.

My formal musical training is in composition and it is this that I studied at university. Later I trained as a music teacher and have since begun my teaching career at Whitstone and Bruton School for Girls. Since then the composition element of my music has always been something I do in my spare time.

As I have become more confident in my day job and have got more on top of the teaching and administrative duties required, I have found myself with more time to develop my creative side.

I have a number of projects I’ve worked on. A few Christmases ago I wrote a series of classical scores for the Nine Lessons. This was composed for a small orchestra and two-part choir and performed at Bruton School for Girls.

I’ve also written songs for voice and my wife Vicky has provided the vocals.

I released an EP of Christian music to raise funds for a school in India last September. A lady at my church, Elim church in Wells, founded the school. It’s based in Goa and is called New Horizons. It employs two members of staff and looks after, feeds and educates 50 children. Elim church has supported the project and I wanted to use my skills to write some music to help raise funds.

I feel like God is calling me to generate music which has a Christian inspiration. God leads me with a vision of things I can do and always seems to provide timely connections to make them happen! I need guidance to know where to put my energy, but I feel God helps out with leadings in this respect too. I try to wait on God for the ideas and projects; not to always push forward with my own vision as this might be prone to a path that God doesn’t necessarily want me to walk. I try to wait for a sense of God’s calling and I hope I am learning to be patient, obedient and more discerning with this.

Listen to Matt’s music:



Bible verse

“How good it is to make music for our God, how joyful to honour him with praise.”

Psalm 147.1


There are two accounts of creation in the opening book of the Bible – Genesis. The first has a song like structure with verses that end, ‘And there was evening and there was morning, the first day’, ‘And there was evening and there was morning, the second day’ – and so on. The second account, which comes straight after the first, uses much more poetic language and paints the creation in a wild and beautiful landscape of colour.

A musician, like Matt, knows that music has form. There are classical forms for symphonies, concertos, overtures, songs and ballads. But there also needs to be that colourful, creative, inspirational melodic and harmonic beauty, that when we hear the piece moves us, both inwardly, and in our daily lives.

Matt describes what happens when we are moved by God’s creative Spirit. He says, ‘I wanted to use my skills to write some music to help raise funds.’ God has taken his skills and mixed them with his desire for mission and created a Godly harmony.

We first shared Matt’s story as part of the Bishops’ Lent Appeal 2017


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