God is at work

‘You have been raised with Christ’ says Paul in Colossians 3:1. Easter is past, but his resurrection power is still with us as we seek to live his risen life. There are many signs of this locally, as we in the C of E work together with Yeovil Community Church, the Pentecostals, the Roman Catholics, the Vineyard church, and 15-20 other churches in the town and villages.

Yeovil is neither a wealthy nor a very pretty town, and there are problem areas, a struggling town centre, and new estates being built. So the Lord’s Larder (which began in a wardrobe in 1990 and now gives away 80,000 items of food per year) is really needed. Many churches and schools from town and villages contribute. Food parcels go out through the love of local Christians.

Yeovil Street Pastors began in 2009, and there are 40 trained Street Pastors and 20 Prayer Pastors who support people in the town centre on Friday and Saturday nights. They come from a very wide range of local churches in the Deanery and beyond. The Yeovil CAP Centre (Christians Against Poverty) began from St. John’s Church but again depends on volunteers and giving from many local churches. It is a lifeline for some of the most struggling local people who need help to get free of debt while keeping their homes and feeding their families. The CAP team pray with clients, and invite them to church and other events. Other initiatives include Counselling4Yeovil, Yeovil4Family, and chaplaincies and toddler groups, and more.

God is at work, the Holy Spirit is empowering his people, and alongside many social ministries the good news of Jesus is being proclaimed, quietly but (we pray) with increasing confidence. Jesus is alive … and so is his Church.

James Dudley-Smith
Rural Dean, Yeovil Deanery

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