Education and prayer

Our work in the diocesan education Department is driven by our new Church of England Vision, entitled ‘Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good.’ In the same way that prayer is integral to ‘Living the Story, Telling the Story’ through the diocesan strategy, so prayer is a central part of our vision for education. The vision is based on the promise by Jesus of ‘life in all its fullness’, and we know that at the heart of this vision of human flourishing lies prayer, both in our schools and for our schools.

To support this prayer life, the Church of England Education Office has shared a series of prayers which we in turn have shared with our schools. The prayers are based around the four pillars of the new vision: Educating for wisdom, knowledge and skills, Educating for hope and aspiration, Educating for community and living well together and lastly, Educating for dignity and respect.

Please join us in one of these prayers as we hold all the staff and children and parents of the schools across our diocese in our thoughts as they start the new academic year.

God of Hope,
We look to you to inspire and empower us
as we teach and learn how to face the future
as we heal, renew and repair
as we repent, forgive and reconcile.

Grant us the strength we need to embody hope in our schools, filling our reservoirs with your living water.
May bad experiences and behaviour never have the last word
and may you continually help us to see our future through your eyes,
Not our own.


Helen Fenn
Deputy Director of Education

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