Gospel Gossip

Holy Trinity, Taunton, has recently begun a new venture, Gospel Gossip. Available on its website (holytrinitytaunton.org) and promoted on its Facebook page, Gospel Gossip is a series of reflections based on the Sunday gospel readings.

They are posted a week in advance so that people may have a chance to reflect and pray on the gospel passage whether they come to church or not.

The idea was to produce something that was simple to access but thought-provoking, and perhaps might even stimulate conversation. They are not a summary of the Sunday sermon! Each passage is illustrated by a coloured picture which also could be used as a focus for prayer. Each reflection is prepared ‘in-house’ so there is no copyright so each text may be downloaded and/or distributed and shared – gossiped – with others.

The initiative was based on an informal conversation with a colleague from another diocese, who uses the Sunday sermon as a basis for a weekly discussion group. It supports our parish mission strategy for this year which has four strands: Spirituality, Outreach, Welcome and Nurture. Under the last, the objective is develop the reading and study of scripture. We hope to meet this by encouraging people to use a daily bible reading scheme and by this promotion of the Sunday scriptures.

It’s early days but take-up is encouraging. We know the Gospel Gossip page has been visited by people from various parts of the locality (especially our LMG) and also the country. Please pray for its continuing success.

Father Julian Laurence
Holy Trinity, Taunton



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