Chaplaincy ‘such a privilege’

Sam Upham, Children’s & Families Worker at All Saints, Trull (on the edge of Taunton), who recently became recognised as ‘Chaplain’ to the local primary school explains her new role.

“At the very beginning of term, I embarked on a new adventure at Trull C of E Primary School as I was commissioned as their first School Chaplain. It was great to have the whole school in church for it and we were joined by Helen Fenn, Deputy Director of Education for Bath and Wells Diocese. The new Head Boy and Girl also took part along with Karen Wedlake, the Headteacher.

“In the commissioning, Adrian (the Rector) explained that, as School Chaplain, I have a special responsibility and a precious opportunity to travel alongside the staff, children and parents of Trull School in any given situation. During difficult times, in times of sadness, through the day to day learning, through the fun and laughter and in times of celebration.

“As School Chaplain, I will run lunchclubs through the week for the children in every year group; I will continue to take Wednesday assemblies; and I might get involved with RE lessons.

“But the most important part of being the School Chaplain is for me to be there when anyone in the school community needs someone – whether that’s children, staff or parents. If anyone needs someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, to get something off their chest or share amazing news, I can hopefully be that person for them. And if anyone needs someone to pray with them or for them about something, I will be more than happy to do that.

“And of course, each and every day, I will be praying for the whole school community. I will be around and about school at various points most days.

“It’s such a privilege to be the first Chaplain at Trull School, and I am really looking forward to the year ahead.”


You can follow Sam’s on Twitter @TrullChaplain

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