The Frome area is truly delightful. We are blessed with a quirky, higgledy-piggledy, ancient town which prides itself in being the home of ‘flat-pack’ democracy, great music, wonderful visual and performing arts, a fantastic sense of community, and that is not to mention ‘Poldark’, another episode of which is being filmed right here in the town centre as I write.

All around the town (which is growing hand over fist) are many beautiful villages each with its own strong identity and even the smallest of them has a church to call its own.

So we have a presence in and a mission to town and country alike, and especially at Christmas, we rejoice to have so many opportunities to bring the story of Jesus to homes, schools, markets, care homes, to all who live in this part of Somerset. So do pray for us as in common with your own place, December brings us into contact with so many people at special services and events in our 29 churches, or whom we will meet through our many outreach activities.

Beyond Christmas we are aware that like everyone else we do also have our problems too, and we would very much value your prayer that we will be strengthened to move forward together with confidence into 2018.

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