Sharing the light of Christ during Advent

Creech St Michael near Taunton has an exciting community outreach plan for the season of Advent.

Every night in Advent (well, from the 1st to the 24th December), a different house or community building within our village will be decorating and lighting up a window to tell part of the Nativity story. Each window will be lit up from 5pm till 8pm and, as well as being illuminated, it will also display a short passage from the story, leading up to Christ’s birth, and will also be decorated in a beautiful story-related manner.

Maps of our Advent Windows trail, also providing window addresses and correlating dates, will be made available to all those within our community. It is hoped that many across our neighbourhoods will feel inspired to use the map to find the new window each night and thereby follow the amazing story with us, day by day, throughout Advent.

There will also be a letter of the alphabet displayed in each window, which can be used to complete a very special secret message by Christmas Eve, in the hope that this will encourage especially our younger participants to follow the trail each night.

Commenting on the trail, Emma Tucker from St Michael’s says: “We have been amazed at how easily and quickly this has come together, with all our volunteers getting instantly as excited as we are and we feel this is a sure sign that God is moving with us on this. We would also be grateful for your prayers that, through this event, we will be able to reach out and share the light of Christ with our community this Advent.”

To find out more about the event visit their Facebook page.


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