Where to turn

Christ Church, Bath, has launched a guide to sources of help and information for people in Bath.

Particularly helpful for newcomers to Bath and others who are vulnerable, as well as their helpers, the guide was produced by the church with input from AGEUK B&NES. It is meeting with an enthusiastic response; typical comments include “most impressive”, “Comprehensive”, “Excellent”, “well worth adapting to your local area”.

The guide is free and carries no advertising or references to named commercial services. It may be accessed at http://bit.ly/wheretoturn.

The team at Christ Church, Julian Road, Bath welcomes suggestions for additions and corrections, and will update the guide regularly. Some of the topics covered are: where to get advice on allowances and filling in forms, care after a stay in hospital, where to find cheap meals or free clothes, and some of the perks available to the disabled. So often people say ”If only I had known”.

There are also warnings about how to avoid scams and frauds, based on what has happened to unfortunate local victims. There are touches of humour such as the advice to wear your personal alarm in the shower “but only if it is waterproof” or the “message in a bottle”. A Surrey reader commented on how much was available in Bath.

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