Thank you for lighting a Christingle!

A light shone across the Diocese of Bath and Wells this Christmas, as armies of volunteers prepared 1000’s of Christingles; juicy oranges, candles, red ribbon and sweets on cocktail sticks.

Parishes opened their doors to the community, inviting in schools, uniformed groups, the elderly and the young. Those who know and love God and those yet to meet with him.

For many, it’s the one time of year they step into church – a family tradition that brings in the start of the Christmas festivities. An opportunity for the church to share the wonderful news of Christ, the light of the world.

Across the diocese, there is much darkness where that light needs to shine. At The Children’s Society we are working with the most vulnerable children who are victims of child sexual exploitation, who live in poverty, who suffer mental health or the effects of a parent’s solvent abuse. Young people who are carers for adults, young refugees living in fear and children who go missing from home, running from the darkness that brings such sadness and pain.

Christingle is a celebration of Christ, but it’s also a meaningful event that raises awareness and funds supporting those young people we work with.

On behalf of The Children’s Society, I want to THANK YOU, your army of volunteers and those who support your Christingles. Thank you for lighting a Christingle and helping a vulnerable child.

I’m able to confirm that money from Christingles celebrated through Advent 2017 to Candlemas 2018 in the Diocese of Bath and Wells have so far raised £24,207 to date.

This coming year we are celebrating 50 years of Christingle from Advent 2018 to Candlemas 2019, and I invite you to join us. Think big, think 50, think orange and sign up for our free resources at or contact me directly.

God Bless,

Gill Ford, Relationship Manager for the South West, The Children’s Society

T: 01380 726410

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