Journeying with the ‘I Am’ banners

Susan Horsington shares her story of making a selection of ‘I am’ banners for her local church, St John’s in Wellington.

My own journey with God through working on the banners, is every one’s journey. How often when hearing the call from God do we start to think, “I do not have the ability, or the talents needed, other people are more qualified, suitable. I need training first” or “this is not a good time”!

In sewing these banners I have learnt that God thinks BIG, whilst we often think small. God takes us out of our comfort zone, our safe little box because he knows that we are capable of so much more.

18 months ago, whilst I was reading about Moses. God planted the “I AM” seed. What was the sentence?  It is written in Exodus 3:13-16. God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM”.

As weeks passed, I became more and more enthusiastic about making the banners. My idea was to create flag size banners about 8-10 inches in size and string them up around the church. I thought that was doable, but as my enthusiasm grew so did God’s picture of what He wanted. A large exhibition, with art work complimenting the fabric banners. Photographic exhibition, local schools being embraced and showing their own interpretations of the “I AM’S”. Local people and church members also adding to the mix.

I read through the Gospel of John and wrote out all the “I AM’s” that I could find. More were added later. During the Christmas experience in St.John’s church, 2016 with children from local schools a picture started appearing in my mind. I quickly drew it on a piece of scrap paper. I knew that God had given me the design for the banner, “I AM THE SON OF GOD”. It would be a year before I was able to start on this particular banner, but the design never changed from that initial vision.

My sewing space was my spare bedroom. I had my little alter on one side of the room where I also prayed and studied. Looking out of the window I looked across my garden and fields, then the huge sky. It was south-west facing and so each summers day I watched the sun dip below the horizon, often in a sea of pink and red. Breathtakingly beautiful. I felt so blessed. As I sewed, often I would be singing along to music, or in prayer or listening to the birds singing their own praises to God. It was a sanctuary of peace, where I felt bathed in His love and felt the extent of my love for Him. There were many hours of laughing at myself when realisation hit that my own design, which I had worked on for two weeks, was not the one that God wanted. Or hours of hand sewing only to see that no, it was not the right thing or in the right place. There was an awful lot of patching. Choosing fabric and building up the designs was such a joy, I can’t tell you how much. My friends were such a huge support in love, encouragement, suggestions and fabrics.

Learning to listen to His guiding voice and with many attempts, they were each completed.

As one banner was nearing completion, images and ideas for the next were placed in my head. At times I would think, “I am going to do this one next”, no it never worked out that way. Also, I was shown in my mind how each banner was to hang and how they were to be presented. Each individual banner was to hang on its own cross. Full sized wooden crosses. The banner, “ I AM THE SON OF GOD “ was to be huge and hang at the front of the church with the others standing down each side of the church. The banners represent Christ hanging on the cross.


Susan Horsington
St John’s, Wellington

Download the leaflet below to find out more about the banners or take a trip to St John’s, Wellington before the end of the Easter season to see them on display.

Interested to use these banners in your church? Contact Sue

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