Join the Church Tent at the Bath and West Show

This year’s Bath and West Show takes place from Wednesday, 30th May to Saturday, 1 June and you, and your church, can get involved.

Revd Tobie Osmond, the Church Tent organiser says, “We are mostly a rural, agricultural diocese and the agricultural shows are an opportunity for the farming community to get together to share and show of their best livestock and machinery. This has of course grown over the years and now they are a great day out for people of all ages to either find out about the farming going on around them or just to spend a day tasting wares and having fun.

“We are looking for teams of four people that are prepared to serve some coffee and tea with a friendly smile and be around if people need to meet and chat as they experience all the show has to offer. Two or three would be involved in serving and another to help with welcoming, clearing tables and possibly chatting with people. There will always be members of the committee available to help. We start the day at 9am with breakfast and prayer, and people are free to go by 4pm at the latest. The two teams on for the day will be able to have plenty of time to see the show as well as having fun in the tent itself. Each person will be given free entry to the show, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and as much tea and coffee as they can drink.”

If you are a church leader and would be interested in bringing a team contact Tobie Osmond or if you are going to the show seek them out, but please note they are not in their usual place.

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