Reflecting on Rural Forum

A gathering of almost 60 people came together on Saturday, 12 May in the beautiful surroundings of Bagley Baptist Church for this year’s Rural Forum.

The focus of the day was to support, resource and equip rural churches in reaching out to children, young people and families in their communities and schools.

Attendees joined Jane Chamberlain in worship to begin the day, followed by a talk focusing on boundaries by the diocesan Rural Life Adviser, Rob Walrond. They also enjoyed the combined talents of Jackie Buttrick and Jean Smith of the Wellington churches who communicated the value of the Open the Book storytelling with an enthusiastic and entertaining performance. David Williams from Education was joined by head teacher Jane Gascoigne exploring a Rural Vision for Schools and the value of a Good Partnership.

The afternoon saw those attending invited to join workshops to experience and learn more about Praying for Schools Fortnight (GoTeam), singing and playing in Pip’s Praise (Claire Morrish), barefoot walking and nature pictures in Outdoor Worship (Sonia Mainstone-Cotton), the popular Christmas Experience on the Farm (Paul Clarke) and to consider Somerset Spirituality (Tina Hodgett).

Thank you to all who attended and to those who shared their own inspirational stories and experiences.


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