Your invitation to celebrate 40 years of friendship

Reflecting on their recent visit to Zambia as part of the Zambia 40 celebrations, Bishop Peter and Bishop Ruth say, “Our visit to Zambia from 19 April to 3 May this year was everything we prayed it would be and more; hugely uplifting and joyous, yet also humbling as hearts and homes were opened up to us and we saw how people there are living and telling the story of Jesus everyday, often with very little.

“We encountered God in every story we heard and every prayer we shared. The energy of the people we met was infectious and the jubilant welcome we received at every stop on our journey was something to behold. In the words of Sandra Freeborn from Shepton Mallet, one of the 30 parish representatives we travelled with, “the rhythm of Zambia will beat in our hearts forever.”

Watch the video capturing the joy of the visit.

Bishop Peter and Bishop Ruth are inviting everyone to join in the celebrations of the 40 years of friendship on 14 July for the ‘return fixture’ with a ceremony at Wells Cathedral and an after party at the Bishop’s Palace, as we welcome a group of Zambian guests to Somerset.

They say, “Through our hospitality and welcome, we want to demonstrate our love for our Zambian brothers and sisters and how important the link is to us here in Bath and Wells. We warmly invite you to be part of this event and hope you can help extend the invitation far and wide across the diocese.”

Register for the event and download a poster to display on parish noticeboards.

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