New Adviser in counselling and well being appointed

Sally Walters is to be the new adviser in counselling and well being taking over from Sue Yabsley.

She will join the diocese on 16 July and will share the role with Sue until her departure later in the summer.

Sally says, “I am delighted to join the diocesan staff as Adviser in Counselling and Wellbeing and that my many years as a therapist has brought me to this position. Amongst other psychological work for over 28 years I have been privileged to come alongside clergy, members of their families, and theological students when personal difficulties arise. I understand that a calling to God’s work can give deep enriching profound satisfaction and also bring at times complexities and human distress in the ups and downs of life.

“I am passionate that my contribution towards wellbeing of clergy is approached with respect for each individual’s situation and with regard for their unique ministry. I will ensure that confidentiality, trust and the immense value of the counselling service continues following Sue Yabsley’s excellent leadership. I have been honoured to have worked alongside her as a member of the team for some years. I want to thank her for all she has given through her years of expertise and her very genuine authentic self as she retires from this role.”

In the past, Sally has worked at GP surgeries, directing a counselling service with a Christian ethos, and in her own private practice. She also has experience in spiritual accompaniment.

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