Skate park festival brings Nailsea community together

Organisers of the 16th Nailsea community skate Park Festival were thrilled with not only the weather but the turnout and the community spirit in evidence at their recent event. The concept originated from members of Holy Trinity and Trendlewood Church, partnering with Christian Surfers UK and community leaders, getting together to showcase what goes on in the town’s skate park and perhaps breakdown preconceived ideas about faith and also the skate park community. Over the years the event has developed and is now a significant event in the Nailsea (Nr Bristol) and district event calendar. The standard of skills on the skate Park was amazing, all enjoying the recently re-built skate Park for the third year.

With DJ Tom Hayes banging out the tunes, and interviews with community volunteers, it proved to be a hugely successful and popular event. Great news was that despite all the riders pushing themselves, the support of first aid providers was never needed, and as a result they also had a really enjoyable day. Lots of other attractions including community stalls, youth space, children’s activities, refreshments, bouncy castle, and face painting kept all those attending entertained.

The youngest competitor this year was Ryan Horsfield a scooter rider aged only three years old, and his performance brought a huge cheer from the crowd.

The presentation took place around 4:30pm in a packed skate park, with trophies and prizes given to all the winners. Contest director Phil Williams, thanking God for the weather and safety at the event, and interviewing the new rector of Holy Trinity Church, James Packman about his move to the area, and his faith.

The skate park was packed throughout the afternoon without any hint of trouble, a fantastic advert for the skate park and the skate park community, and perhaps an encouragement to other members of the local community particularly in Clevedon and Portishead to look again at the facilities they offer for this passionate section of their community and get behind development plans.

Festival Director, and head of Christian Skaters UK Phil Williams, who worships at Holy Trinity in Nailsea said “after last year’s disappointment with regards to the weather, the whole team were so pleased that we have such a fantastic event this year, a great showcase for our community, that gave the opportunity for those that use skate Park throughout the year a brilliant opportunity to display to their friends and family just how skilful they are. It is so good to see the Christians together in Nailsea, working with the wider community, to take ‘church’ out of a building”.

It was Holy Trinity Nailsea’s new Rector James Packman’s first event since moving to the town and said ‘A small number of Christians in Nailsea have a deep passion to reach the kids who spend hours each week at the local skate park.  This would be a tough job for them to do alone.  But with the support of the wider church community they put on the Nailsea Skate Fest, and Christians who don’t know the first thing about skateboarding came along willingly to serve burgers, run a bouncy castle and lots of other things as well.  Together they put on a wonderful afternoon that served whole families, but which at its heart was about reaching the residents of the skatepark with the good news of Jesus.  The day was unashamedly Christian, and included a Christian message during the prize giving.  It was such a great example of how together we can help each other reach the communities that has God has laid on our heart’

All in all, a really fantastic event, run, organised and attended by the whole community, and all looking forward to 2019’s event. If you would like any more details about the event or have any questions about skate park ministry, contact Phil.

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