Could Café Church be your next step?

Find out at the launch of our Café Church Hub…

Wondering if Café Church might be a good fit for your parish? Wanting to develop your existing Café Church but not sure how? Have questions about what Café Church is and what a good one looks like?  Then pop Saturday 22 September in your diary when we’ll be launching the Bath and Wells Café Church Hub at two events: St James’ Church Hall, Winscombe at 09:30 and at the Tithe Barn, Merriott at 14:30.

Café Church Hub is the second in our series of practitioner hubs, and follows the successful launch of Messy Church Hub in June.  “The idea behind the hubs is about bringing together groups of people already involved all these wonderful and diverse ways of being church to affirm each other and to learn from each other: to find out what works, what doesn’t and swap tips and experiences,” says Revd Tina Hodgett, Evangelism and Pioneer Team Leader.

“The aim is a really energetic and dynamic exchange of ideas and building of grass-roots networks and relationships where we support and encourage each other and develop our creativity and confidence,” Tina adds.

Session leaders, Michelle and Dave Legumi led a transformative Café Church at Falmouth Methodist Church for a number of years.  They are inviting you to take part in a Café Church experience, exploring the theme of identity, before looking at the thinking behind Café Church, what it is and what it is not, discussing what the group feels makes an effective Café Church and sharing each others’ experiences.

To register your interest, email Emma Bartlett.

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