Getting Messy

Recently we joined with Tina Hodgett (Evangelism and Pioneer Team Leader) to launch Messy Church hubs across the Diocese. We were delighted to have Lucy Moore join us on 2 June. She started out at St John’s Church, Wellington, where around 40 people came together from a range of Messy Church’s from the surrounding area and then on to St Peter’s Church, Yeovil, where around 25 heard her speak about Messy Church. We launched a further hub at All Saints, Wrington, where Tina and Cheryl used some of Lucy’s material to deliver a similar session.

We were pleased to welcome people with a range of experiences of Messy Church, from those who had been involved for 10 or more years, to those wanting to find out more, in the hope of launching one in their own parish. Messy Church co-ordinators and teams were able to share stories, both encouraging and challenging, plus consider ways to tweak their own Messy Church to make it even better.

We have been really encouraged by the positive feedback and are looking forward to gathering the hubs together again later this year. Look out for more information coming soon.

Cheryl Govier
Go Team Adviser Wells Archdeaconry

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