“Breathtakingly beautiful” 20ft angel stirs the senses at Locking Castle Church

People in Locking near Weston-super-Mare have taken a 20ft illuminated angel to their hearts this Christmas.

The stunning Christmas Angel is suspended in the entrance to Locking Castle Church and was designed and created by artist Dave Manuel from Weston. It was a year in the planning and took two months to manufacture and is made from  aluminium angle, copper piping and steel wire, incorporates 2400 LED lights and weighs around 25kg.

Dave says, “I was inspired by a visit to the Regent Street Angels in London last year.   It has been an absolute joy to work on. As a Christian I saw the project as a way to share the true meaning of Christmas, just as the Angels were heralds of the birth of Christ.

The project was not without its challenges though. “The wings started out a different shape but we soon realised it might look more like a bat than an Angel, so we had to do more research on wing anatomy!” adds Dave.

“The response to the Angel has been wonderful,” says Tom Yacomeni Lead Minister at the church. “You only have to look at the comments on social media to feel that local people have really taken the angel to their hearts.

“In the Christmas Nativity story in the Bible, everyone who saw an angel was terrified – not surprising when they usually announced world-changing events like the birth of Jesus.  Ours is less scary, though it certainly does take your breath away!”

To view the Angel, do visit Locking Castle Church, on Jasmine Way, Weston-super-Mare BS24 7BW (just near Morrisons!)

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