Christmas is….contactless?

You can take your church collection using contactless this Christmas.

As fewer people carry cash, it’s becoming increasingly important for parishes to look at alternative ways to receive donations. There’s a new category on the Parish Buying website to help churches consider the different types of contactless devices.

Alongside small hand-held card readers (which cost as little as £19 each) there now are more sophisticated self-service donation units available for churches to buy. To find out more visit the Parish Buying site.

Christmas came early for Steve and Yvonne in our Finance Team as they took delivery of their own card reader, which will have its first outing at the diocesan staff carol service later this month.

Yvonne says, “Lots of churches were asking us for advice, so we decided to buy one for the diocese, try it out for ourselves and give others confidence to have a go. It really is super simple, you just need a card reader – ours cost just over £20 – and a smart phone and you are up and running!”

But don’t just take Yvonne’s word for it! This short video guides you through going contactless in your church.

View more Parish Buying videos on going contactless.

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