Read: Daniel 6: 10-23

Think: God wants to be the most important thing in our lives: more important than our family, more important than our things, more important than even our own lives. Daniel understood that; he worshiped God even though he knew it may cost him everything, even his own life.

It was against the law for Daniel to worship God, but Daniel knew that God is the only true God, and he did not stop worshiping Him. Daniel was punished for breaking the law, and he was put in a pit with lions. But God protected Daniel from becoming the lions’ dinner. People learned of God’s power through Daniel, and many others worshiped God because Daniel had trusted and honoured God.

Discuss: Who or what do you love more than anything else?

Pray: Loving God, it is not always easy to love you more than anything else. Help us to trust and love you each day. Amen

Do: Download and cut out the symbol of the Lion and hang it on the Jesse Tree

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