Read: Isaiah 9:2-7

Think: Many, many years before Jesus was born, people called prophets brought God’s message to the people of Israel. The prophets reminded the people of what God wanted them to do. God wanted them to be good and kind to others. The prophets told the people to worship only the one true God. Isaiah was one of the greatest prophets who lived about 700 years before Jesus was born. His prophecies brought hope to the people of Israel because he told people about God’s plan to save their nation. He said that people would one day make blades for their ploughs out of their swords, for there would be peace.

Isaiah also foretold the birth of a child who would be called Immanuel. Immanuel means “God with us.” That child was Jesus Christ, whose birthday we are preparing to celebrate at Christmas

Discuss: Does God have a plan for our lives?

Pray: Thank you God, that Jesus offers everyone hope. Amen

Do: Download and cut out the symbol of the Hammer and Sword and hang it on the Jesse Tree.

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