John the Baptist

Read: Matthew 3: 1-11

Think: Elizabeth and Zechariah’s son grew up to be John the Baptist. He was Jesus’ cousin. God chose John to prepare the way for Jesus.

John wanted people to know that Jesus is the Son of God, the saviour that God had promised the people so many years ago. He wanted them to be ready to believe in Jesus. John wanted the people to remember God, and he baptised them in the river if they promised to try not to do wrong things anymore and say sorry to God. The baptism reminded them that God forgave them for their sins.

John did not look like other people, and some people probably thought he was a little strange. But many other people listened to John, and they were ready to believe in Jesus.

Discuss: Is there anything you need to say sorry for today?

Pray: Holy God, we are sorry when we do things that are wrong. Make our hearts ready for Jesus. Amen

Do: Download and cut out the symbol of the Shell and hang it on the Jesse Tree.

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