Read: Nehemiah 4: 15-23

Think: God’s people of Israel were being held like prisoners in a place called Babylon, they missed their homeland and longed to return to it. Eventually God freed his people and they returned to Jerusalem. Nehemiah helped the people of Israel to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem that had been destroyed. It seemed like an impossible task and there was a lot of opposition to the walls being rebuilt. Nehemiah suggested they worked holding their weapons in one hand in order to defend themselves. God was with them as he had promised, the walls were rebuilt and the people of Israel lived in their homeland again.

Discuss: Have you ever done something that you thought was too hard, but with some help you managed to do it?

Pray: Lord God, we thank you for the people you send to help us. Amen

Do: Cut out the symbol of the Trowel and Spear and hang it on the Jesse Tree.

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