The Manger

Read: Luke 2: 4-7

Think: Is there any story more beautiful than the Christmas story? In that manger lay the Christ Child that had been talked about by the prophets. Jesus was from the root of Jesse, yet the greatest sign of God’s great love for his people. Jesus was the Messiah, the Chosen One and the new King. But he wasn’t born like a king, he was born in a place where animals were kept, because there was no room. He was laid on a bed of straw in an animals feeding box.

Discuss: Instead of discussing anything today. Take time to look at the words of this familiar Christmas carol, but with some slightly adapted wording.

Away in a manger, no crib for a bed,

The baby king Jesus laid down his sweet head.

The stars he created looked down where he lay,

The maker of all things asleep on the hay.

Pray: Dear Jesus, Thank you for being born on the first Christmas. Amen

Do: Download and cut out the symbol of the Manger and hang it on the Jesse Tree.

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