Never alone

In a time when people are apparently becoming less religious, one of the more surprising trends is the increasing popularity of personal spiritual practice. Whether it is meditation, yoga, or intentional mindfulness, taking regular time out to clear the mind and to reflect on what’s important is a part of many people’s lifestyle. Perhaps is not so different from the rhythm of daily prayer that Christians have practised for centuries.

But there is one big difference – because when you pray, you’re not actually alone – God is there with you. When we pray, we don’t examine our own soul, we open our soul and allow God to examine it instead. This may seem frightening at first, but God is able to show us the things that we might hide from ourselves, and then we find that there is no shame in being honest with the God who already knows everything about us.

As we seek to be God’s people, living and telling the story of Jesus, the knowledge that God is with us when we pray is so important. The story isn’t an abstract idea or a theory, but it is something that we are part of, not just in our past, but every day – because every day we open ourselves up to God and allow him to speak into our life, and fill us with his life.

Charlie Peer
Head of Strategic Programme

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