Parish Share contributions to Common Fund

Parish Share contributions to Common Fund

2018: A huge thank you all for the work you and your PCCs have done to enable your contributions to be made promptly. Around 436 parishes have paid in full so far and we anticipate an excellent collection rate of nearly 99%.

2019:  As you know, the Common Fund is used to pay the monthly stipends, housing, pension contributions and training for the parochial clergy, so it is very helpful for your contributions to be made regularly. The first direct debit of the year will be drawn on the 17th January. If your PCC paid by direct debit last year and we have not heard from you, we are assuming that you wish to continue this practice and the direct debit will be taken from the PCC’s bank account on the 17th.

If you want to move to regular payments, please contact Jessica Cook.

If you anticipate a problem meeting the 2019 Parish Share request in full, please do alert us at the earliest opportunity. In many cases we are able to assist in some way, but we can’t help if we don’t know about it!

Survey Form 2019 – Parish Share 2020

The 2019 Annual Survey form, together with the guidance notes and a letter from the Bishop, will be sent to your Churchwarden at the beginning of February. Copies of the letter and guidance booklet are available for download from the Parish Share page on the website . If you need a copy of the survey form, please contact Jessica Cook.

Your 2019 Share will be based on the declaration made, so please do get involved and read the guidance carefully. Your signature will be required on the form and all boxes must be completed to avoid any resource being wasted on avoidable admin tasks.

Please note the deadline for returning forms is 30 April 2019.


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