Setting God’s People Free

February is the month when we will be holding a day in each archdeaconry on the theme of Setting God’s People Free.  This is part of national move by the Church of England which in Bath & Wells we are calling “Everyday Faith”. The question it poses is “How does what we do as a church, ordained and lay together, enable God’s people to grow in their capacity to live out the Good News of Jesus in all of life – in service in the church and in the world?”

Lay people make up 98 per cent of the Church of England and  “Everyday Faith” is designed to change the sense lay people have of their calling to both live out and share their faith in all the places they inhabit through the whole week.

Developing prayer will be a vital part of the Archdeaconry Days and afterwards as we seek to explore the connection between our life in church and our life in the world. How can what we do on a Sunday, or whenever we worship, prepare us for this task? Twenty years ago Kathy Galloway, now co-leader of the Iona Community, wrote:

“I am someone who strongly believes in liturgy as ‘the work of the people’. The clergy task is to be an enabler, almost a midwife, helping new things come to birth, helping people to find new skills, new creativity, new possibilities, both individually and corporately. Therefore training is important, equipping people to be the church, and to be the church in the world and not just the church in the Church.”

So at work, the school gate, the foodbank and in the care home can we pray for ourselves and all who we meet, knowing that each one of us has a part to play.

David Maggs
Team Leader for Mission

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