Bubble breathing and bare-foot walking at schools’ mental health day

On Monday 13 May the first Mental Health and Wellbeing Day took place at Wells Cathedral. This was a pilot event for schools, run in partnership with Wells Cathedral and the Diocese of Bath and Wells as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. Schools were invited to bring up to 12 children from years 4 and/or 5. We were delighted to welcome 8 schools and around 90 children and their teachers.

The day began with a short welcome from The Very Reverend Dr John Davies, Dean of Wells and Stumble Trip Theatre. The children took part in a carousel of workshops around the cathedral themed around ‘Human Flourishing’.

“The aim through the workshops was to provide children with some experiences, skills and techniques around wellbeing, mindfulness and emotional resilience. We were delighted that the children could benefit from such experienced practitioners and we were treated to glorious sunshine in the gardens throughout the day,” says Go Team Adviser, Cheryl Govier.

Stumble Trip Theatre led a workshop that focused on promoting body positivity and empathy through creative subversion and play. Our outdoor workshop with Sonia Maidstone-Cotton involved some wellbeing and mindful exercises including making nature pictures, noticing and listening to what is around us and bubble breathing. The children also did some bare-foot walking, where they were encouraged to notice what they were feeling and seeing around them.

The third workshop was with diocesan School Effectiveness Adviser, David Williams. His workshop involved singing and drumming. The children were encouraged to work together, being confident in the part they were playing, as well as given the opportunity to take risks and have fun. The children played various rhythms on the drums as well as learnt a song that was used in the closing worship.

The day concluded with a short act of worship in the Cathedral. Led by Cheryl who shared the story ‘You’re Special’ by Max Lucado, where everyone present was reminded that they are uniquely and wonderfully made.

If you would like to use the story in Collective Worship, search for a printed copy online or check out this narrated version.


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