The Holy Rumpus begins!

20 pioneers of all ages and walks of life, travelled to Wells for the first Bath and Wells CMS Certificate in Pioneer Mission delivered through Holy Rumpus, the Bath and Wells CMS Hub.

The Certificate in Pioneer Mission is part of the diocese’s training offer, delivered in partnership with Church Mission Society (CMS); leaders in training for lay and ordained pioneers nationally and is open to lay people looking to develop their understanding of pioneer mission.

The Bath and Wells CMS hub, the Holy Rumpus, establishes the diocese as an official partner and training provider in the CMS network.

This first weekend was led by Jonny Baker, pioneer and Director of the national CMS Pioneer Leadership course, and focused on the first of six modules; ‘What is pioneer mission?’

On Saturday evening, after a day’s study, the group walked to the Bishop’s Chapel for a creative Holy Communion service after which they ate together, and then settled down for some story-telling by local pioneers. On Sunday the group held outdoor worship in the Palace Gardens

Jonny was joined by Andrea Campanale, from CMS who has been an adviser to Bath and Wells and has supported the diocese in setting up the Hub and the Certificate.

Chris Wilkins was one of those who joined the first Holy Rumpus, “Quite often when I lead and preach in church I talk about how Jesus got out of the church, met people and shared the gospel and I thought to myself I don’t really do that; there was a miss match between what I was preaching and what I was doing, so when I saw this course I thought, ‘yep that’s great’.”

There is more information about the  pioneering on the diocesan website.

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