God equips those He calls

From the beginning of July, Axbridge Deanery will be fortunate enough to have three training curates, two at the very beginning of ministry, one as he begins his second year and a new stage of ministry as a priest. We also have two ordinands each juggling their work life with training at Sarum College.

Each of our curates, and those seeking ordination, bring something unique to the ministry to which God has called them. Beginning a new ministry can seem daunting but we are reminded that God equips those he calls. That is true for those called to minister in a variety of ways in our churches. Most of the ministry to which God calls is lay ministry. However, so often we may feel we don’t have the gifts and skills to ‘do’ a certain job, or to carry out a certain ‘role.’ We may feel ‘inadequate.’ Yet in my experience if God has done the calling,

God will grow the ministry within us and show us those gifts that may as yet remain hidden within us.

We have been encouraging and celebrating lay ministry in Axbridge Deanery for some time and are always looking for new ways to encourage all people to consider if they are called to a particular ministry. We have offered training across parish boundaries and are seeking to encourage a sense of fellowship and support between our churches, by bringing Lay Worship Assistants and Lay Pastoral Assistants together.

Recently, we celebrated the ministry of our churchwardens who serve so faithfully as leaders in our churches as they gathered for a meal and discussion (served by the clergy!). It is good to give thanks for the variety of ways in which God calls us and equips us, lay and ordained.

The Revd Preb Sharon Crossman
Area Dean, Axbridge

This article first appeared in July’s Prayer Calendar.

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