Not a day wasted #newrevs 2019

Until 5 years ago Jane Sutton was working at the University of Bath lecturing in communications fields and health psychology. She started her working life as a nurse and then became an occupational health nurse and graduated into occupational psychology and after doing a PHD she  began lecturing.

Though she has been a Christian all her life it wasn’t until Jane took early retirement to spend time with her husband Jane felt God calling her to ordained ministry.

“ I felt this feeling that God was wanting me to do something more so I explored it and eventually it became clear what it was – that he was calling me to ordained ministry. And I said yes! And as soon as I said yes things started to happen. It’s such a privilege and such an extraordinary experience and I just feel that as the time has gone on I have just got closer and closer to him he’s much more real than he ever was. “

Jane admits that being called at the age of 64 was quite a shock but feels that everything she’s done in her life has been leading to this point.

“Nothing is ever wasted that’s a message for anybody regardless of what they are doing in life. That even though you are doing something that seems quite menial or  you think you feel over qualified. It’s all useful. God uses every single bit, good and bad.”

“I’ve been a Christian since I was a toddler I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love Jesus and it has stayed with me all my life everything that I have done I have felt the hand of God on me and I have been through some quite disastrous times in my life and have managed to hang on and I know he hung on to me. “

Jane and found that everything she’d learnt as a nurse came to the fore when she did one of her placements at Musgrove Park Hospital in the Chaplaincy department. Jane is going to continue being an honorary chaplain at the hospital. She will continue this role in her own time, and will be spending her curacy in the parish.

“I’m excited to see what God’s going to reveal to me next I don’t mind where my ministry is going to be except that I’ve always been drawn to the care of older people and their spiritual needs there is all that experience that through your whole life  God’s brought you to a point – there’s this wealth of humanity and there’s also this wealth of doubt as people come to the end of their lives.”

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