Bishop Peter addresses Diocesan Synod

Everyday Faith, Aligning Resources for Mission and Interfaith were just some of the items on the agenda on Monday, 22 July when the Diocese of Bath and Wells Synod met at Millfield School.

In his address to Synod, Bishop Peter said, “Our understanding of the Church is that as ekklesia we ‘called out’ by God to be a worshipping community, a sign of hope to the world and a means of saving grace through word and action.  We need therefore continually to be asking how our life, our priorities and our structures either help or hinder that work and calling.   We are now at the point in our diocesan life where we are seeking to ensure that going forward there is a clear understanding and priority that our ministry deployment is intentionally missional – in line with our strategic priority to place mission and evangelism at the heart of everything we do.   We need therefore to develop a deeper understanding of what we mean when we say that, and be able to articulate it in a way that makes sense to ourselves and to those who we seek to minister to.”

Bishop Peter informed Synod of the Bishop’s Council agreement to the formation of a working group to help develop a deployment strategy for both lay and ordained ministry.  This group hopes to report back to Bishop’s Council with some initial findings and principles in the first part of 2020. Bishop Peter referenced the six Aligning Resources for Mission conversations that took place across the archdeaconries at which the Ven Dr Adrian Youings, Archdeacon of Bath spoke about having: ‘the right people, in the right places, doing the right things at the right time, a topic that was further explored by Strategic Programme Leader, the Revd Charlie Peer, later in the evening.

Synod also heard from the Ven Anne Gell, Archdeacon of Wells, and Julia Hill, Discipleship Leader on the subject of Everyday Faith. The Revd Jonathan Morris provided Synod with an overview of his work as Diocesan Interfaith Adviser and General Synod representative, the Revd Caroline Bruce, updated Diocesan Synod on the recent gathering in York.

You will be able to download Bishop Peter’s full presidential address from the Diocesan Synod page on the website.

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