Encouraging and enabling confident faith sharing

Talking Jesus.  That’s just what they’ve been doing in Street for the past few weeks and what’s more they have enjoyed doing it.

“It has been inspiring – life changing, the world is full of nice people and we can’t just be satisfied with being nice, we’ve got to be more than that, we need to talk about our faith. I have started a conversation about Jesus with two people today, that’s something I wouldn’t have done in a million years before I went on this course. “ Says Suzie Williams, one of those taking part in a course organised and run by Bath and Wells Faith Sharing Enabler, Revd Andy Gray.

The course is designed to encourage and enable people to grow in confidence in telling their faith story; to help them become relaxed and natural faith sharers.

Andy says, “The inspiration for this came out of Community Conversations held by the diocese in 2018. Those conversations identified that people want to share their faith, but feel they lack the skills or confidence to do it. This course is designed to energise people and to give them more confidence.”

“What research has shown is that most people like and trust Christians. Even more than that, they think we are great. And many people actually want an opportunity to ask questions about what it means to be a follower of Jesus.”

It’s this inspiration and confidence Andy has been imparting during the course in Street. The group has been learning how they can share the story of Jesus and their own faith; understanding how they can tell the good news in an easy and natural way.

Sylvia Yemm says she is naturally quite shy, but feels her confidence has grown throughout the course, “I’m not a person that comes forward and I find it very difficult to express my feelings. I’m glad I’ve come and I think it will make me better able to do it.”

Her views are echoed by Freda Smallwood, “I’ve been an evangelist for a long time and this has been lovely to make new friendships where we can share how we feel about Jesus and how we feel about passing on our faith. I know that some people will find it easy and some people will find it hard, but I think this course has taken the edge off for some of those who are struggling with it.”

The group in Street want to build on all they have learnt. They would like to continue as a group, to support each other so that together they can keep learning and growing.

Andy, or a member of the team can come and run this six week course for benefices and deaneries.  If you are interested then please email Andy Gray.

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